How to Count Number of Files and Subdirectories inside the directory in Linux command line? Core

The simplest way to count number of files & subdirectories in a parent directory using a “tree” command. $ tree -iLf 1 $ tree -iLf 1 /var/log You can use the tree man page for more useful options, configuration files and environment variables to use. At Velan, our server support engineers can help you with... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Install PHP 8.X on Debian 10 Linux

How to Install PHP 8.X on Debian10? Here are the 4 simple steps to install latest php 8.X version on debian& Ubuntu flavored Linux servers. Step 1 – Setup Apt Repository $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install -y gnupg2 ca-certificates apt-transport-https software-properties-common $ sudowget -qO – | sudo apt-key add – $... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Solve the Upgrade Ubuntu Install Updates Error? Linux

During the updating of Ubuntu version 16.04 to 18.04, the following command is used to update to the new version # do-release-upgrade When using this method to update Ubuntu’s core, there is a known bug that would not allow us to continue with the upgrade. We would see the following error. Checking for a new... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to upgrade MySQL 5.5 to 5.6/5.7 or MariaDB 5.5 to 10.X on Linux Plesk? Database

Several parameters have defaults that differ from the previous versions and the mail reason for these changes to provide better out-of-box performance and to eliminate the need for the database administrator to change settings manually. Upgrades also give you access to new enhancements made in the newer versions. Following are the instructions for upgrading MySQL... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to fix vulnerabilities in sudo package? Linux

Qualys provide cloud security, compliance and related services research team has disconvered the overflow vulnerability in sudo. This vulnerability has been hiding for nearly 10 years. Te bug allows any local users to gain root access without authentication (no user’s password required. The two vulnerabilities identified are A local attacker could possibly use this issue... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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