How to disable Strict Mode in MySQL? MySQL

There are 2 steps we can follow to turn off MySQL Strict Mode. These 2 methods work in most versions of MySQL and MariaDB. Disable strict Mode with my.cnf / my.ini This method disables it by changing the SQL_MODE value to a my.cnf (Linux) file OR my.ini (Windows server) file and restart the MySQL server.... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Enable Cloudflare Auto Minify for WordPress Site Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare Auto Minify? The Cloudflare service, which we use for websites, includes a variety of features and options that can help make our site more secure and faster. With speed being such an important factor in the website visitor’s experience, it’s necessary to find strategies to improve loading times. This is where code... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Connect MySQL Workbench to MYSQL RDS DB instance using an SSH tunnel? AWS

To connect the EC2 instance and Connect MySQL Workbench RDS DB instance, we must first configure the security group inbound rules, network ACLs, and route tables. In addition, we must verify that the EC2 instance can connect to the internet from the local PC using its public IP address. First, we have to launch the... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to fix SMTP error: Message size exceeds server limit in Roundcube?

Are you getting SMTP error message, ‘Size exceeds server limit’ in Roundcube Webmail? Does it cause a problem and do you want to fix it? What exactly does this SMTP error message: ‘Size exceeds server limit’ mean? Are you facing issues with large email attachments? Do they surpass the upload limit despite the fact that... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to start the failed ClamD Service in WHM/cPanel Server? cPanel / WHM

Most of the times, ClamD Service in WHM/cPanel Server fails to start and displays this error message.  Log of Initialization Error in LibClamAV: cli tgzload: Checksum for file daily is invalid. hsb LibClamAV Error: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/clamav/daily cannot be loaded. Reason: Corrupt database This error indicates that the ClamAV virus definitions database file, daily.cld is corrupt and... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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