How to delete folder with Long Filenames in Windows? Applications

Windows uses Long Filenames (LFN) which supports up to 255 characters. Other operating systems like Mac or Linux does not have similar restrictions. If you try to delete files that are extracted from other OS and exceed ‘windows’ character length, the system will report that the name of the file is too long and cannot... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Reserve IP Address for a device through DHCP Server IP Reservation DHCP

DHCP IP reservation lets you assign a specific IP address to a specific device or whenever the device connects to the network. Most devices uses DHCP wherein, the server provides the IP address dynamically. However, there may be situations when you need to ensure the same IP is assigned to the device to have the... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to configure IIS Server Core for Remote Management? Server

The following steps show how to configure IIS Server Core for Remote Management for Windows 2016 server. REQUIREMENTS Windows 2016 Server Core Windows VM INSTALLING IIS ON SERVER CORE Note: Windows 2016 Datacenter Core Edition is used for illustration Windows server core in Hyper-V  has been installed Use the following command to install the webserver... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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