16 Jun 2021

Cloud Migration | Process, Strategy, Benefits, And Challenges

Cloud Migration Srategy

A cloud migration strategy is a well-studied plan that an organization makes to migrate its application and business data from on-premises architecture (desktops, hard drives, and servers) to the cloud. Not all the applications and workload requires to operate on the cloud from the beginning. It is totally the organization’s decision to move either certain... Continue Reading Continue Reading

11 Jun 2021

15 Reasons Why Realtors Should Hire Virtual Assistants

real estate virtual assistant

As a real estate agent, it is easy to lose track of time and feel frustrated about not having more than 24 hours in a day. It is especially true if you have started gaining traction and attracting more customers to do more business. Although this may seem fancy and inspiring at that moment, you... Continue Reading Continue Reading

9 Jun 2021

Improve Your Medical Claims Billing Process In 9 Steps

Medical Claims Billing Process

There is a stigma revolving around the medical billing processes that the claim process is complicated, does not get paid on time, will be denied multiple times, and whatnot. It does not have to be complex for the patients and the healthcare facilities. In fact, it has to be the last thing for the patients... Continue Reading Continue Reading

4 Jun 2021

A Guide To Choose The Best Remote Server Management Services

Best Remote Server Management Service

Your server is the warehouse for every piece of information that you store on your network. Every byte of data that your business produces, receives and deals with gets recorded on your server. Servers run incessantly while handling every bit of your network, and make sure it works without any downtime. There are two types... Continue Reading Continue Reading

2 Jun 2021

Who Is A CFO And A Controller? The Differences Between The Two?

Differences Between a Controller and a CFO

A CFO and a Controller are the two crucial players who ensure the finances are intact in an organization. They play an integral role to ensure the financial department of the company is operating smoothly. They help with creating financial strategies and implementing substantial policies. They make sure to abide by the government protocols and... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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