How can I synchronize files and folders from a local Linux server to an Amazon S3 bucket? AWS

To communicate with S3, you’ll need two things. Credentials for an IAM user with read-write access to an S3 bucket. A client such as bash’s aws-cli, Python’s boto library, and so on. Once you’ve got both, you can move any file from your Linux server to S3 and vice versa. The aws-cli example is shown... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS Using .htaccess? Linux

Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have started showing security warnings on sites with valid SSL certificates. Without SSL, the website shows up as insecure to the visitors. Hence, it becomes very important to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. SSL – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security protocol that is used for establishing... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to exit emergency mode and boot to default mode in Linux? Linux

There would situations when the OS can go into emergency mode due to several reasons. This particular method is when one of the filesystems in corrupted. This document describes how to exit emergency mode and boot to default mode in Linux. You will see the following screen – Welcome to emergency mode! After logging in,... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Transfer Files and Folders with Rsync over SSH? Linux

Rsync can be used to transfer files and directories over SSH between systems on the network. The most popular protocols are SSH and FTP. FTP is a popular protocol and SSH is the most secure way to transfer files. SCP and SFTP are some of the tools that are available to transfer files over SSH,... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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