21 Dec 2022

Procurement Support Services

Procurement Support Services

Procurement is a crucial business procedure for every corporation. To grow, improve operations, and maximize financial performance, businesses purchase goods and services from outside vendors at the greatest possible prices. Due to their crucial role as business catalysts, procurement and its procedures have advanced quickly in recent years. Compared to the traditional procurement process, which... Continue Reading Continue Reading

14 Dec 2022

How does inventory management operate and what does it implies?

inventory management in supply chain management

Understanding what you have, where it is kept, and how much you will need is the key to effective inventory management. But it’s easier said than done. Where Velan adds value is in this. Businesses utilize the Outsource Inventory Management System to lessen the burden of manufacturing the components of completed goods in-house, i.e., within... Continue Reading Continue Reading

8 Dec 2022

The Risks and Benefits of Outsourcing Supply Chain Management

supply chain management outsourcing

Let’s face it. As a business owner, you need to spend time and resources to manage your eCommerce supply chain. But how properly your supply chain management runs influences how big a success your enterprise could be and how fast it will develop. It’s absolute confidence that coping with and optimizing the supply chain is... Continue Reading Continue Reading

6 Dec 2022

Understanding Outsourcing Supply Chain Management ! The Lucky 7 Benefits!

supply chain management process

Supply chain management is a complex process that includes keeping track of the inventory and keeping your tracks up to date. This often requires attention, integration, and standardization. It takes strategic planning and intelligent execution to guide the proper functioning of an organization. It’s difficult when the business deals with perishables, groceries, and edibles. A... Continue Reading Continue Reading

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