4 Jun 2021

A Guide To Choose The Best Remote Server Management Services

Best Remote Server Management Service

Your server is the warehouse for every piece of information that you store on your network. Every byte of data that your business produces, receives, and deals with gets recorded on your server. remote server management service support runs incessantly while handling every bit of your network, and make sure it works without any downtime.... Continue Reading Continue Reading

2 Jun 2021

Who Is A CFO And A Controller? The Differences Between The Two?

Differences Between a Controller and a CFO

A CFO and a Controller are the two crucial players who ensure the finances are intact in an organization. They play an integral role to ensure the financial department of the company is operating smoothly. They help with creating financial strategies and implementing substantial policies. They make sure to abide by the government protocols and... Continue Reading Continue Reading

26 May 2021

8 Sure Ways To Secure Your Healthcare From Ransomware Attack

Healthcare From Ransomware Attack

It is appalling to think of the negative outcomes to the healthcare industry, should it be a victim of a grave hacking attack like ransomware. Unfortunately, ransomware attacks on the healthcare industry are not unusual, it happens often. In fact, a 2020 report by IBM labeled “Security: Cost of Data Breach,” highlighted that the healthcare... Continue Reading Continue Reading

20 May 2021

How Is Business Intelligence Transforming Accounting And Financing?

BI Transforming Accounting And Financing

Improve decision-making in your organization by unlocking Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is the collection of historical and present data of an organization. It leverages software and services to transform that data into actionable insights for the benefit of the organization. In other words, it integrates business analytics, data visualization, data mining, data tools, infrastructure, and... Continue Reading Continue Reading

12 May 2021

Cloud Migration 102: Checklist & Planning For Cloud Migration

Checklist FCloud Migration Journey

Now that you know the basics, let us help you with a cloud migration checklist. Have this checklist handy that has remarkably important points for learning about the whole process and the ramifications for your cloud infrastructure, today, and for its future growth. Listicles to make your cloud migration process easy Not to scare you... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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