19 Jul 2021

Digital Transformation Guide | What Is Digital Transformation? Definition, Purpose, Examples, Types

digital transformation strategy

Definition Of Digital Transformation: Digital transformation (DX or DT) is a continual journey of using digital strategy combined with digital technology to radically transform an organization’s operations, business processes, customer experience, and culture. What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the use of digital tools and the integration of digital technology in all areas of... Continue Reading Continue Reading

13 Jul 2021

What Is a Fractional CFO? Why Do You Need One For Your Business?

Hire a fractional CFO

Hiring a CFO will apparently cost you high, and in case you are on a budget crunch, we understand why you would have already ruled that option out. Fret not because we have a solution. In fact, a monumental solution that would help you cross leaps for your financial sector. A Fractional CFO. One of... Continue Reading Continue Reading

9 Jul 2021

Cloud Migration 103: Understanding Your Deployment Options — Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Or Hybrid Cloud?

Cloud Deployment Models

There is no particular type of cloud computing that is perfect for an organization. There are several different cloud computing types, models, and services that have evolved to meet the swiftly improving technology needs of organizations. There are three different methods to deploy cloud services in an organization: on a private cloud, public cloud, or... Continue Reading Continue Reading

7 Jul 2021

Thanks to The ‘Payment Request API’ For Easier And Secure Web Payments

Payment Request API for website

Shopping online is if not always, most of the time a happy experience. You get to buy new things from the comfort of your couch at online stores. Earlier, it was through your laptop, and now, mobiles are one of the most used devices for online shopping. Thanks to the beautiful mobile devices, online stores... Continue Reading Continue Reading

30 Jun 2021

Productivity Tips For Virtual Assistant And Work Performance

Virtual Assistant Productivity Services list

A virtual assistant is an independent and self-employed contractor that provides administrative services to an organization. Virtual assistants work remotely outside of their client’s office, usually remotely or in a home office. Virtual assistants will have access to their client’s necessary documents, calendars, and meeting schedules. They carry expertise, experience, and knowledge to complete the... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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