13 Mar 2020

Want to outsource your bookkeeping? 10 Mandatory Things You Must Look For In Your Bookkeeping Team

Outsourcing accounting services

What is Bookkeeping? Definition: Bookkeeping is tracking and recording all the company’s financial transactions – both income and expenses – on a daily basis in accounts. It is a traditional method for recording financial transactions on a day-to-day basis. In the old times, bookkeeping was mostly done using Excel and spreadsheets. With the advent of... Continue Reading Continue Reading

28 Feb 2020

How to Optimize Your Magento Store in 2020 (and Beyond) For Great Sales?

Optimize Your Magento Store for great sales

Hail Magento! According to Magento.com, – the most common and trusted e-commerce platform – Magento has held the #1 spot on the ‘Internet Retailer 1000 list’ for four years in a row. Not just that, the consistency recorded by Magento is conspicuous that the software developers can keep up with the changing needs of the... Continue Reading Continue Reading

24 Jan 2020

7-Point Checklist To Minimize Cloud Security Risks

Cloud Security Risks

Every business today has a cloud server to own their sensitive data. They are actively using cloud services to manage and operate most of their critical business applications. Google G-Suite, Adobe, HubSpot, Microsoft Office 365. DropBox, Salesforce…and the list is plenty. However, the question here is, “Is the data stored in your cloud server safe?”... Continue Reading Continue Reading

10 Jan 2020

Why should you consider going DevOps?

Why should you consider going DevOps

3 Major Benefits Nobody Tells You About Using DevOps Why should you consider going DevOps? DevOps is a versatile set of IT practices that helps to break the Development – Operations blockades. It is the amalgamation of efficient process, people, and technology – automated and integrated – to constantly provide value to the customers. DevOps... Continue Reading Continue Reading

8 Jul 2019

9 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Building Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

There are thousands of mobile devices out there, with different screens, processors, software, and hardware. Regrettably, there are numerous ways your mobile app will fail on these devices. You should look at your Mobile Application Development process to ensure that you do not fail. Why mobile applications fail is because you have that magical idea,... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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