8 May 2020

24 Incredible Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation? Every business is unique, and so are its operating methods. However, all the businesses have one thing in common – Need. Better. Productivity. At. Their. Organization. And here is where the dogma of Business Process Automation (BPA) applies. Business Process Automation (BPA) is a strategy that enables businesses to leverage... Continue Reading Continue Reading

24 Apr 2020

Who Do You Need For Your Business? – A Bookkeeper Or An Accountant?

Bookkeeper vs Accountant

Bookkeeping and Accounting: while both the terms deal with handling the business’s financial management, maintaining a seamless tax season billing, optimizing the financial aspect of the business, they are disparate technically. Bookkeepers and accountants share the same goals, but their roles overlap. Simply put, they help to maintain the financial transactions of your business at... Continue Reading Continue Reading

10 Apr 2020

Generate More Customers With Website Data And Analytics

Generate More Customers With Website

Me: Do you have a great website with great design and user experience? Reader: Yes… Me: Congrats! You have cleared Step #1. Me: Do your website and its features operate seamlessly? Reader: Hmmm…yes! Me: Great! Step #2 – cleared. Me: Are your customers happy? Or do you at least feel that your customers will be... Continue Reading Continue Reading

27 Mar 2020

Shifting From Web App To Mobile App? Brilliant, Consider 9 Important Tips

Shifting From Web App To Mobile App

With a whopping 2.7 billion mobile phone users across the world, it is apparent that the mobile app industry will continue to burgeon, today and in the future, according to Statista. Every business is using different kinds of applications, software to accomplish their tasks. From inventory management to signing off deals, there are numerous applications... Continue Reading Continue Reading

13 Mar 2020

Want to outsource your bookkeeping? 10 Mandatory Things You Must Look For In Your Bookkeeping Team

Outsourcing accounting services

What is Bookkeeping? Definition: Bookkeeping is tracking and recording all the company’s financial transactions – both income and expenses – on a daily basis in accounts. It is a traditional method for recording financial transactions on a day-to-day basis. In the old times, bookkeeping was mostly done using Excel and spreadsheets. With the advent of... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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