26 Nov 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! Velan Gives Thanks! Message From CEO

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Velan wishes you to celebrate the day to its fullest with your loved ones. It is the day of togetherness, appreciation, and sharing. It is the day of gratitude. It is the day to be happy for everything we have today. This time of year strikes a chord at how we rush... Continue Reading Continue Reading

23 Nov 2020

How A Business Process Outsourcing Team Can Help You Weather The Storm?

Business Process Outsourcing Services

The COVID-19 outburst has introduced us to new uncertainties, problems, and rules to play by. And every business, from local startups to global organizations are striving to tackle and confront in their method. It went to the extent where many companies started shutting themselves down as there was zero business and were not able to... Continue Reading Continue Reading

22 Nov 2020

2020 Holiday Season: An Exhaustive Guide To Handle Your eCommerce Store Traffic Effortlessly

Outsourced eCommerce Services

2020 has been very different from other years. The holiday season is just beginning, and it is time for discounts on most of the fashion brands, sale season everywhere on every item. But the reality is way different. Due to COVID-19, people are wondering how this shopping season will look like. The onset of COVID-19... Continue Reading Continue Reading

19 Nov 2020

A Step By Step Guide To Choose The Right DevOps Tools For Your Business

Right devOps tools

DevOps has been a major influence, and it is continuously growing in demand in software development and deployment. It has revolutionized the software development life cycle process for good. DevOps is the cross-pollination of two teams – Development and Operations – that works together to deliver outstanding results in a quicker turnaround time. It is... Continue Reading Continue Reading

18 Nov 2020

How To Tackle Claim Denials? – The Easiest Way Out

Insurance Claims Denial Management

Your insurance claim was denied!!! – It is something you do not want to hear. A denied claim means it is reversed to the pavilion to appeal once again, and, long waiting hours and more costs ensue it. Claim Denials Management is often confused with Rejected Claims. Let us understand what claim denials are before... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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