How to fix SMTP error: Message size exceeds server limit in Roundcube?

Are you getting SMTP error message, ‘Size exceeds server limit’ in Roundcube Webmail? Does it cause a problem and do you want to fix it? What exactly does this SMTP error message: ‘Size exceeds server limit’ mean? Are you facing issues with large email attachments? Do they surpass the upload limit despite the fact that... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to start the failed ClamD Service in WHM/cPanel Server? cPanel / WHM

Most of the times, ClamD Service in WHM/cPanel Server fails to start and displays this error message.  Log of Initialization Error in LibClamAV: cli tgzload: Checksum for file daily is invalid. hsb LibClamAV Error: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/clamav/daily cannot be loaded. Reason: Corrupt database This error indicates that the ClamAV virus definitions database file, daily.cld is corrupt and... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Disable Application Pool Recycle in IIS? Application Pool

IIS Application Pool Recycle This tip comes handy when we have a server application that causes the Recycle IIS Application Pool to renew on a default cycle interval. These recycled new pools may or may not startup. This signifies that none of the queries sent to the server result in support calls. Our Support Techs... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I use Amazon S3 bucket to synchronize files and folders from a local Linux server to? AWS

You need the following two details in order to communicate with S3. Credentials for an IAM user with read-write access to an S3 bucket. A client such as bash’s aws-cli, Python’s boto library, and so on. Once you have these details, you are ready to move your files. You can move them from your Linux... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I host numerous websites using IIS on a single EC2 Windows Server instance? AWS

Bindings You can host numerous websites in IIS on the same EC2 Windows Server instance, if you have multiple websites. In order to do this, IIS uses Bindings, which are a mix of the protocol type, IP address, port, and hostname to distinguish various websites. However, you must specify a hostname to avoid IP and... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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