How to find the total number of email accounts on a WHM/cPanel server? cPanel / WHM

As a server admin, there would be situations to find the total number email accounts on your WHM/cPanel server. The below steps helps you to find the total number of email accounts on the WHM/cPanel server Login to your server using the terminal (Shell mode- SSH) and download the following script        ... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS Linux Distros? cPanel / WHM

WHM/cPanel is a very popular and reliable control panel for web hosting services. The WHM/cPanel is rich with features and very powerful GUI to manage web hosting services. To Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS linux distros Step 1: The first step for the installation is to setup the hostname for the server. The following command sets... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to purge cache in Cloudflare? Applications

Cloudflare offers a popular Content Distribution Network (CDN) service and purging of cache is very important when the site goes through changes. Cloudflare strongly recommends using single-file (URL) to maintain optimum site performance instead of complete cache purge. Purging everything clears all resources from the CDN cache in all Cloudflare datacenters. Every new request for purge retrieves... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Install LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) with one command? Linux

LAMP is a very common example of a web service stack that contains four components – Linux OS, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database and PHP programming language. LAMP Stack is suitable for building dynamic websites and web applications. The following command installs LAMP with a single command on Ubuntu based distro servers.                 $ sudo... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to clear Cache & Buffer Memory on Linux? Linux

The Linux Page Cache (File System Cache) is used to make IO operations faster. Sometimes in certain circumstances as an administrator need to manually clear the cache. In this article we will share the steps on how to clear Cache and buffer memory. The following steps are to clear Cached memory on Linux Servers Use... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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