Velan Empowers A Seattle-Based E-Commerce Website To Better Track Their Shipping, Billing, And Reports By Implementing A CRM Solution. Digital Commerce Services

Velan enhanced an E-commerce platform to better deliver their products and satisfy customers by implementing a CRM solution. The client was able to better compete in the online marketplace and attract more customers. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Helps A Buffalo-Based Rescue Manufacturer To Build An E-Commerce Platform That Could Support The Company’s Growth. Digital Commerce Services

Velan built an e-commerce platform for a rescue manufacture to harness the growth potential of the client and accelerate their sales. A customer-centric website capable of handling large traffic loads was developed resulting in seamless performance. Continue Reading Continue Reading

An Australian Service Provider For Real Estate Agents Utilizes Velan’s Round The Clock Back-Office Support And Gains A Significant Market Share In The Industry. 6 Years Of Relationship And Growing Stronger. Back Office Support

Velan has been offering the back office support services for the past 6 years without a single instance of unscheduled business disruption. This impeccable track record has enabled the client serve more customers resulting in higher revenue. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Hired By A Michigan Based Property Management Company To Clean Up Their 2019 Books Of Accounts Velan Accountants Ended Up As A Retainer To Keep Their Ongoing Books Accounting Services

Velan accountants received all bank statements and access to their Accounting books and did a thorough study of 2019 transactions by comparing Bank feeds, bank statements with the books and identified the missing entries and duplicate entries which needed to be rectified. Rectifications and reconciliations of the books were done month on month for the entire year 2019 and financials for the year 2019 including the trial balance, P&L and balance sheet were prepared. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Steps Into The 13th Successful Year Of Non-Stop Back-Office Services To The US-Based World’s Largest Event Meeting Information Lead Generation Company. Back Office Support

Velan Back Office services ensured a culture of continuous improvement, to help the client maintain its position in an extremely competitive marketplace. Not even a single day of unscheduled service interruption in the last 13 years. Continue Reading Continue Reading


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