Top UK-based Company selling audio systems around Europe gets its website seamlessly migrated from Magento 1 to Shopify with zero downtime. Digital Commerce Services

Process/Project: The client generates millions of sales every year on e-commerce and their branch outlets across various locations in Europe. Velan had been engaged with the client supporting its e-Commerce portal which was in Magento 1 and has been providing development service offering a continual improvement to the system. The end of the official support... Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Empowers A Seattle-Based E-Commerce Website To Better Track Their Shipping, Billing, And Reports By Implementing A CRM Solution. Digital Commerce Services

Velan enhanced an E-commerce platform to better deliver their products and satisfy customers by implementing a CRM solution. The client was able to better compete in the online marketplace and attract more customers. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Helps A Buffalo-Based Rescue Manufacturer To Build An E-Commerce Platform That Could Support The Company’s Growth. Digital Commerce Services

Velan built an e-commerce platform for a rescue manufacture to harness the growth potential of the client and accelerate their sales. A customer-centric website capable of handling large traffic loads was developed resulting in seamless performance. Continue Reading Continue Reading


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