11 Apr 2022

Step By step guide to lower Your Claim Denial Statistics

Denial Management services

As per the Healthcare Company National Association, the best-performing medical practises have an insurance premium denial rate of only 4%. Given the often-complex maze that is required to get health claims paid by following payers, it is remarkable that these practises maintain such a low denial rate. But it is necessary to do so. What... Continue Reading Continue Reading

21 Jul 2021

10 Essential Key Metrics To Measure RCM Success

Revenue Cycle Management

What Is Revenue Cycle Management? Revenue cycle management or – RCM – is a proactive method used by the global healthcare systems, especially in the United States, to monitor and keep a record of the revenue from patients. It includes the complete revenue history – from the patient’s initial encounter with the hospital to their... Continue Reading Continue Reading

9 Jun 2021

Improve Your Medical Claims Billing Process In 9 Steps

Medical Claims Billing Process

There is a stigma revolving around the medical billing processes that the claim process is complicated, does not get paid on time, will be denied multiple times, and whatnot. It does not have to be complex for the patients and the healthcare facilities. In fact, it has to be the last thing for the patients... Continue Reading Continue Reading

18 Nov 2020

How To Tackle Claim Denials? – The Easiest Way Out

Insurance Claims Denial Management

Your insurance claim was denied!!! – It is something you do not want to hear. A denied claim means it is reversed to the pavilion to appeal once again, and, long waiting hours and more costs ensue it. Claim Denials Management is often confused with Rejected Claims. Let us understand what claim denials are before... Continue Reading Continue Reading

17 Nov 2020

What Are The 4 Problems With In-House Medical Billing?

Outsourced Medical Billing

Outsourced Medical Billing in-House: Handling a medical practice has never been easy in the past, and there is no new reason for it to be in the present unless you outsource it to the right expert because having an in-house medical billing team is difficult. We will get to the details. It makes the physicians... Continue Reading Continue Reading

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