16 Feb 2021

Important ‘6R Strategies’ For A Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Once you are sure that migrating your business to the cloud is right for your company, it is high time that you understand what it takes for a successful cloud entry. In recent years, many businesses are transitioning to the cloud however, they fail midway and become the victims of an unsuccessful attempt. Unless, as... Continue Reading Continue Reading

17 Nov 2020

Thinking Of Cloud Migration For Your Business: Comply With The Checklist

cloud migration steps

What are The Cloud Migration Steps: Migrating your business to the cloud will certainly prove beneficial if you are equipped with enough knowledge. The benefits of moving your business to the cloud are numerous, depending on the nature of your business. To receive the total benefits, you must – as an organization – prepare yourself... Continue Reading Continue Reading

24 Jan 2020

7-Point Checklist To Minimize Cloud Security Risks

Cloud Security Risks

Every business today has a cloud server to own their sensitive data. They are actively using cloud services to manage and operate most of their critical business applications. Google G-Suite, Adobe, HubSpot, Microsoft Office 365. DropBox, Salesforce…and the list is plenty. However, the question here is, “Is the data stored in your cloud server safe?”... Continue Reading Continue Reading

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