16 Jun 2021

Cloud Migration | Process, Strategy, Benefits, And Challenges

Cloud Migration Srategy

A cloud migration strategy is a well-studied plan that an organization makes to migrate its application and business data from on-premises architecture (desktops, hard drives, and servers) to the cloud. Not all the applications and workload requires to operate on the cloud from the beginning. It is totally the organization’s decision to move either certain... Continue Reading Continue Reading

12 May 2021

Cloud Migration 102: Checklist & Planning For Cloud Migration

Checklist FCloud Migration Journey

Now that you know the basics, let us help you with a cloud migration checklist. Have this checklist handy that has remarkably important points for learning about the whole process and the ramifications for your cloud infrastructure, today, and for its future growth. Listicles to make your cloud migration process easy Not to scare you... Continue Reading Continue Reading

6 May 2021

Cloud Migration 101: What? Why? And How?

benefits of cloud migration

Surprisingly and not so surprisingly, the demand for the cloud skyrocketed in 2020 compared to 2019, even during the irrational economic decline. The most obvious reason: increased demand created by the pandemic – COVID-19, lockdowns, and work from home. The growth in the cloud continued to expand compared to other industry sectors. A lot of... Continue Reading Continue Reading

1 Apr 2021

Investing In A Cloud Broker Could Be The Best Thing You Could Do For Your Business. Discover How?

cloud service broker

What is a Cloud Broker? A cloud broker or a cloud service broker is an entity or a third-party individual that manages and directs the use, performance, and delivery of the cloud services. Also, cloud brokers maintain relationships between cloud service providers and consumers. Cloud Broker is more like a middleman connecting the cloud service... Continue Reading Continue Reading

16 Feb 2021

Important ‘6R Strategies’ For A Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Once you are sure that migrating your business to the cloud is right for your company, it is high time that you understand what it takes for a successful cloud entry. In recent years, many businesses are transitioning to the cloud however, they fail midway and become the victims of an unsuccessful attempt. Unless, as... Continue Reading Continue Reading

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